Monday, January 08, 2007


One of the funniest cartoons I've seen lately is "Dilbert," in yesterday's paper. Here's a link to it:

I know that a living language is always going through changes of various kinds, as well as additions to the vocabulary. In recent years, most of the new vocabulary in American English has come from all the advances in science and computers that have occurred and still continue. However, when people make up words that aren't necessary, it really makes me laugh ... for a while anyway.

One of the most frequent errors that I heard for several years was the use of the non-word orientate. We already have the words orient (the verb) and orientation (the noun), but I guess some people didn't believe the verb could have fewer syllables than the noun!

Anyway -- enjoy the cartoon, and please don't go around making up non-words to confuse people!

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